The vegetarian diet

The vegetarian diet is the diet which comprises of food obtained only from plants, vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains. A total vegetarian diet is also known as vegan. It is very commonly seen these days that most of the people around the world are changing from non- vegetarian to vegetarian. This thing is very commonly seen in the western countries.

This even refers to people who do not eat animal products which are made of land or sea animals.

Types of vegetarians

Based on their eating habits there are four types of vegetarians:

  1. Lacto- vegetarians: These people eat dairy products but they do not eat eggs. Most of these do consume honey.
  2. Ovo-vegetarians: These people eat eggs but they do not eat any dairy products.
  3. Lacto-ovo vegetarians: These people consume both eggs and dairy products. A majority of these too consume honey.
  4. Vegans: These people only eat foods which are plant based. These people do not consume dairy, eggs or honey. It is good to know that vegan do not normally adopt this style of eating only for health reasons but also for reasons pertaining to environment. These people do believe that the modern farming methods are not suitable and good for the environment.

The major population of vegetarians is the lacto-ovo vegetarian which eat eggs dairy and honey but do not eat meat products.

It is beneficial to be a vegetarian in many ways. It is a good thing to be a vegetarian. A person who is a vegetarian would have the following good things in his life:

  • Maintained body weight: A person would continue to put on weight if he is consuming meat on a regular basis, compared to someone who is on a vegetarian diet. Vegetables are more likely to be digested faster and easily compared to meat. Moreover vegetables help to maintain the body weight by not letting the fat accumulate in certain areas of the body.
  • Perfect cholesterol: A vegetarian diet can effectively lower the level of cholesterol in the body just like a medicinal application. This diet reduces the level of LDL or bad cholesterol in the body which is responsible of clogging in the arteries. The vegetables in the diet would not let the fat get stored in the arteries thereby allowing good flow of blood from and to the heart.
  • Live for longer period: It has been proved time and again that a person who is vegetarian is less likely to become fat or get heart disease. These ailments of putting on weight and cancer reduce the life expectancy and one suffers a lot.
  • Lower risk of getting cancer and several diseases: Compared to people who eat meat, vegetarians are less prone to develop cancer or any other disease. The main reason of this is the lower level of fat and high quantity of fibre in the vegetarian food. Moreover the non vegetarian foods are animal based which is not good for health.