Best Apple Watch Apps – Some Must Have Apps

The increasing demand for Apple Watch across the globe has really pushed the app makers to announce some of the handy apps for this gadget. Some of the best apple watch apps announced for the Apple watch users is coming free and for some you may need to pay a few bucks. Well, the fact is that some of the best apple watch apps are there which every watch user needs to have at his disposal. These apps are coming with advanced features and options. They are designed to make life easier for an Apple Watch user. For some buying an Apple watch means purchasing a brand new gaming console. But this is not all! Apart from this, an Apple watch comes with an array of features and apps which you should take advantage of now. This is also a big reason why people across the globe never hinder to invest in the Apple’s wearable gadgets.

But the question is that what sort of Apple watch app you need? There are many apps which are considered as the best apple watch apps. And this is what giving a user a chance to get the right apps as per his requirements and budget. If you are desperate to get the best Apple watch apps, you should search for the alternatives first. As there are many options already announced for the Apple watch users, there is always a chance for you to get the best apple watch apps for your gadget. Let us have a look at some of the options which will guide you, about the apps in the market.


This is a free Apple Watch app and has become a popular social media platform in the recent time. This app helps the users to manage several feeds daily in a more effective manner. You can also schedule the tweets and use the social platform for your business growth. This app is also great in terms of managing your accounts in a more convenient manner. At the present time, promoting yourself on social media network is a must and once you do that then things become much easier.

City mapper:

This is a free and handy Apple watch app. It is designed to deliver the right details at just a glance. This app works perfectly due to its location specific abilities. When you are looking for the best apple watch apps that can help you during your traveling and transit, you should get this now, as this will help you to understand your current location and will guide you of the right way ahead.


This app has managed to appear as a handy one for people when there is a need to catch the taxis or a cab for traveling at an unknown location or holiday destination. When you need to hire a taxi in the big city, simply press the button on the gadget and this app is surely going to arrange a taxi or cab for you!